Has your critical path has taken you over the cliff?

Is your biz abysmal are you in the abyss?

Has your critical path has taken you over the cliff?

Did your goals get deflected has it all gone off side?

Has your blue sky leap becomes a terminal dive?

 The verse above is from a poem written by Rob Billson at New Routes (I have amended it slightly with Rob’s permission).

Is your organisation heading towards the cliff edge? Perhaps you are stuck in what appears to be a bottomless cavity on the brink of an abyss. Let’s head off that terminal dive with a detour into strategic straits to help you to regain direction and pursue new and innovative paths.

 If you are willing to get on this bus and take this detour you must first commit to do just one thing

 “Learn to Forget”

Yes, that’s right; learn to forget about established ways of doing things, learn to forget about established spectrain strategic planning learn to forgetcompetencies, when these practices and behaviours no longer meet customers’ needs or cannot be exploited any further then they cease to provide a competitive, advantage, continuing to adhere to these exhausted competences will lead you into a “competence trap” and that is a hole that we need to avoid on our route to the future

 So, let’s do a little route planning, because the drivers need to understand the landscape.

Identifying the drivers that impact your business and visualising how to overcome the potential road blocks made up of custom practice and habits that may slow us down on the journey is essential. A little creative thinking will help to challenge assumptions and enable us to find new routes through the territory. With direction established we have defined strategic intent.

 Time to optimise our assets for the journey.

Assets fall into 3 categories Competencies, Capability, and Resources.

If competencies are not reviewed and renewed, then customers will move away from the solutions offered yesterday toward better solutions offered by new competitors. Identifying new competencies that will support us through our journey and enable us to reach our destination is essential.

Do we have the capability required for the journey? Will we achieve the journey efficiently with existing products processes, and people? (Capabilities). Will we outperform the competition on route with our agility and the speed of our collective response to customer needs? Or will we disintegrate if presented with a breakdown on route? Are our departments integrated, can they share the vehicle or will they behave as if they are in separate vehicles? This strategic alignment or positioning of business functions and relationships is the key to the success of our journey.

 Bit of a Stretch

ImageThis is where we are now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This is our destination

 This journey may be a bit of a stretch with our existing outlook and utilisation of resource, and it’s not a case of simply working harder what is required are new ideas. So, now is the time to forget some of those old-established habits, and consider how our competencies, capabilities, and resources can be optimised on route. Our competencies will be ineffective if not backed by the systems and processes required. We need technology, physical systems, and the willingness to share knowledge to know how to get the most out of these assets.

If it’s time for you to get onto strategic straights, take a leap of faith and avoid the terminal dive with our business and strategy development courses


Now are we all ready?

Rob’s Poem…for the Journey

When everybody wants something new

Some new colour some new tune

And every day is Sunday when it’s time to create

But you’re just too swamped to innovate

They want a brand new way to do that or this

Psychometric testing for aquarium fish

You shout I’ve got an idea but no one’ll heed yer

Wish they’d stick their app up their social media

 When your biz is abysmal and you’re in the abyss

When your critical path has taken you over the cliff

Your goals get deflected and it all goes off side

When your blue sky leap becomes a terminal dive

 Come and talk and get de-cluttered

Open the windows that had been shuttered

Let’s re-string your guitar and play some free tunes

We’ll let go the nets and free the balloons

 The original poem written by Rob Billson at New Routes


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