Recall and the Rule of Three

Workshops Don’t End When Learners Leave

Workshops provide stimulus to change, and as learners leave with their action plans we hope that they transfer their leaning implementing their new skills and knowledge with huge success. Good facilitators do not rely on hope; they incorporate methods into their workshops to encourage the process of recall and learning transfer.

The Rule of Three

There are a numerous simple and yet effective methods for encouraging learners to begin, increase or further develop their skills. To ensure effective recall use the rule of three. Three is the smallest number of elements required to create a pattern. This pattern will result in an action plan that will not overwhelm and it will be memorable Here are some ideas of what you could send three days after the event:

Three Days after the Event

 Encourage learners to identify 3 actions and note them on A5 size paper, with their business address. Collect the papers and insert into small plastic bottle. Post the message in a bottle back to the learner after 3 days (light plastic bottles available from


 Provide teams with 3 of the course objectives and ask them to create 3 Tweets to describe how each objective could benefit them in their everyday work.  Create a group on Twitter for the participants and tweet the three benefits so that tweets sent to that group get routed to all the members


 Invite learners to write 3 actions on a postcard during the event collect the postcards at the end and post them back to learners after 3 days have passed


   Send a festive reminder, December events provide perfect opportunity to post out christmas cards or new years greetings, simply insert your learners actions and include a message that provokes enthusiasm and provides encouragement


Take photographs of flipcharts or posters describing actions created during the workshop and send by email



 Send 3 links to web sites that would enhance the learning



Hey Trainers! For additional practical suggestions on how to use the concept in your workshops, Visit The Exceptional Trainer Programme:


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