Joy Wilson achieves a WOW factor in her CLP assessment – Training Press Releases

Joy Wilson achieved a rare WOW factor score in the delivery of her learning activity as the concluding part of her Certified Learning Practitioner assessment recently.

 Joy Wilson of Spectrum Training Services undertook the live assessment part of her accreditation to become a Certified Learning Practitioner (CLP) at a workshop on February 11th 2010. The assessment requires candidates to design, deliver and evaluate a learning activity in 20 minutes to a group of learning participants. The criteria for design, environment set up, delivery and evaluation are then scored with an assessor.

 Joy achieved a rare 3 for part of her design. As Heather Girling, Joy’s assessor commented in the assessment report on the design of the evaluation mechanism: “This was seen as cunning and clever activity which introduced the evaluation questions at the beginning. It aroused curiosity with participants who immediately wanted to play with it.”

 Joy met the requirements for the Standard and has now submitted her post assessment reflections commenting on the rigour of the assessment and what she has gained from the process. She said “The timing of my decision to progress the CLP coincided with a decision to streamline my business. The process has enabled me to focus on aspects of business planning, particularly marketing, where I have identified a number of measurable objectives and methods of promoting new products in niche areas.” she added “The process has been invaluable in enabling focus on personal practice and particularly the effectiveness of policies that support the business including our diversity policy and how communications support that policy”.

Joy has now been added to the register of CLPs, is eligible for recommendation by a reference from the Learning Practitioners’ Association (LPA), can use the letters CLP and include in her own marketing that she has met the rigorous and robust Standard for Learning Practitioners.

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