Thank you Yemen

 It has been a long time since I last found a moment to update my blog. We have been in Yemen. I know that all of the odds are against consultants who consider working in Yemen. The UK FCO site discourages it, and trying to find insurance to cover the contract is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. The return on your effort when you overcome these obstacles will be worthwhile.
I finally arrived. I have been fortunate in attracting opportunities to work in some fabulous countries and I know some may consider me mentally unstable when I say Yemen is one of those wonderful places!
Sanaa in about 7,551.367 feet above sea level and the altitude can play strange tricks on new arrivals during the first few days. The air is thin and attempting to run up a flight of stairs is a challenge, however it soon passes.
The architecture at the old city Babal Yemen is amazing and inside you will find a maze of souks offering everything from spices to Qat. Yemeni people are friendly, curious, and have a huge thirst for knowledge. Their spoken English is the best I have experienced in the region.
The hospitality is tremendous I was invited to weddings and to meet with families, a huge honour! It’s amazing how quickly you adjust to the life here, before you realise it the qat chewing car driver with an AK47 strapped to his back becomes the norm it’s simply different!
I would like to thank Montaha from the Yemen General Investment Authority for her time and ability to motivate groups of Yemeni ladies during our secretarial development training with her magical words.

I hope future development in Yemen ensures it retains all that is unique about its culture, I am honoured to have met some very special people there!

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