Trainer Development Workshops

Part of being an effective trainer involves understanding how adults learn best.

Adults are autonomous and self-directed. Therefore trainers must actively involve them in the learning process and facilitate their learning; facilitation will encourage learning retention guiding participants to link the content to their existing knowledge rather than supplying them with facts encourage pragmatic thinking – ask questions, “

How might you use this and what difference will this make”? .

Adults have accumulated a wealth of life experiences and knowledge that include work-related activities, family responsibilities, and previous education. They need to connect learning to this knowledge/experience base. To help them do so, trainers should draw out participants’ experience and knowledge which is relevant to the topic. Adults will quickly relate to new learning that is like something they know already.

Adults are goal-oriented. When attending a course, they usually know what goal they want to attain. They, will appreciate a program that has a clear structure trainers must show participants how this training event will help them achieve their goals.

Adults are relevancy-oriented. They must see a reason for learning something. Learning has to be applicable to their work or other responsibilities to be of value to them. 

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